Proposed Storage Lockers at Wesley Community Church

Next month on 9/20, 7:00 pm our El Cerrito Community Council meeting at Blessed Sacrament Parish Hall will be extra important to put on your calendar so I am sending out a reminder now. Representatives from Georgette Gomez’s office will come to address the community regarding the following:

Last month many of us were surprised to hear reports that Wesley Church was named by Georgette Gomez, our city councilwoman, to be the preferred site for District 9. The response from several ECCC and Talmadge community members is concern, unhappiness and skepticism. Many want to know why “extensive community outreach and site analysis” was not performed before an out-of-the-blue announcement of a preferred site, especially when other City Council members at the same meeting said they would not be able to name a site without first doing analysis and outreach.

News articles for review:

City Council receives potential homeless storage center locations

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