Board Members

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Alex Zukas has lived in El Cerrito for 15 years and has attended El Cerrito Community Council (ECCC) community meetings during most of that time. He has served on the ECCC Board for the last three years.

His day job is a university history professor. He enjoys teaching, movies, walking, labor history, looking at antique maps, and talking to neighbors.




In June 1986, Tom Silva and his wife purchased their house in the El Cerrito neighborhood.  Since then they have made it a home and raised two children from infant to adulthood.  Tom is a retired school administrator and spends much of his time as a part time Facility Manager for the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, as a consultant to school districts and as a community volunteer. His local volunteerism includes:

  • Boo Parade Committee member for the past 12 years
  • Chairman of the Eastern Area Community Planning Committee (EACPC)
  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Finance Committee member

Tom is an ardent supporter of the local college area communities, and strongly believes in supporting the local businesses.  When not busy, he relaxes by playing piano and shooting pool.



Lorna Zukas has lived in El Cerrito since 2002. She believes that El Cerrito is one of the best neighborhoods in San Diego and volunteers for the Council to help keep it this way. She has been board secretary and is now chair of the ECCC Beautification Committee.

Lorna is a professor of sociology and global studies. Her research has taken her throughout Africa. In 2015, she taught in China and had a fantastic experience working with Chinese students. Working with diverse groups of people to make the world a better place is what motivates her to get up in the morning.


Eva Yakutis is new to San Diego, having bought a home in the College Area in late 2018. She is a Certified California Naturalist and loves her canyon! She is also a serious home baker, baking wild-yeasted sourdough bread weekly and sharing it with neighbors. She works part-time as a grant-writer and as an outreach specialist for a public participation firm.

In her career with the City of Riverside, she developed and rolled out that City’s neighborhoods programs, which provided residents with tools to organize their neighborhoods and build their leadership capacity.

Her passion and area of expertise is a community building model called “Asset Based Community Development” (ABCD for short). ABCD is a research-based community building approach that focuses first on discovering the resources already present in a community, networking them, mobilizing them, and providing tools as needed for community improvement and sustainability.

B.J. Nystrom is a neighborhood homeowner, the Treasurer of the El Cerrito Community Council and an alumni of SDSU.

Laura Riebau